Wealth generation made simple...

Kelston Capital is your leading solution for financing strategic property investments. We are for investors by investors. We make getting finance for your property simple, by dealing with the banks so you don’t have to. 

Your lending ability is dependant on two factors

Your borrowing capacity
Your buying power

To see what is possible

We specialise in

Home Loans

Private Lending

Investment Loans

Construction Loans


We understand the key to success in building any property portfolio is your ability to finance any project, big or small. It is important to understand how having the right finance in place can either set you up, or set you back! Kelston Capital is a finance company for property investors by property investors. 

 We are NOT loyal to the banks or any lender, we are loyal to our customers!

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The Kelston Capital Process

At Kelston Capital, we use a five-step process to make sure that you money is working hard for you, not you working hard for your money. Ultimately, we know what works, and what does NOT! Our job is to show you what is possible given your current situation. 

Step 1

Where you are and where you want to be

Step 2

Establish your  financial capacity

Step 3

Secure the property 

Step 4

Streamline your money flow

Step 5

Review and Repeat

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