Buying Investment Properties

Investment Property Loans

When you want to buy an investment property, the first thing is for us to understand what your current financial situation is.

That is, how are the banks going to look at your and will they be prepared to lend you the money that you need to invest in the property.

Our tried-and-tested approach to getting the best investment property loan is one of the key reasons people choose us. We will review a range of different lenders on your behalf, to see who will be the most suitable (often it is not your current bank).

One of the factors we are looking at is a good property valuation, and these do vary significantly across lenders. This will give you access to more equity, and the option to spend more on an investment property. It may also mean that you can reduce the lenders’ mortgage insurance (LMI) payable, and also, you could get a lower interest rate.

We will guide you through from the start, to a successful outcome when your loan settles. We have long term relationships with all major lenders and with our expertise in banking policy, you can feel confident we have a good chance of getting your loans approved.

Best of all, we don’t charge you a fee to use our service as we are paid by the lender when your home loan settles.

Top 5 Tips For Taking Out A Property Investment Loan


Make sure your current home loan is optimally set up (you may need to refinance this first).


Have different offset accounts for each property, so you can separate income and expenses for each.


Consider a range of lenders to ensure you get a good property valuation.


Understand the pros and cons of both types of repayments: Principle and Interest vs. Interest only.


Avoid cross- collateralising any of your loans (when collateral for one loan is used as collateral for another).